This site has been established to honor the men of Nelson's (later Mills') Regiment Texas Volunteer Infantry, also known as the 10th Texas Infantry. This regiment, as with many other Western commands, has been virtually ignored and forgotten with the passing of time. Through the use of original documents and primary sources, this site attempts to shed insight to the makeup of the men of this proud and gallant command.

       Descendants of the men of the 10th Texas Infantry, as well as all other visitors, are encouraged to sign the guestbook, or email this site. YOU the descendant, are one of the most valuable sources of information for chronicling the exploits of your ancestors' regiment.

       Additionally, Georgia-based authentic living historians have organized Co. G, 10th Texas Infantry to portray their Western Campaign impressions of the Atlanta Campaign. In so doing, these men are paying noble tribute to their adopted namesakes. Connection to the websites of these authentic groups can be obtained through the "Living History" section of this site.

       It is our intent that the descendants of the 10th Texas Infantry, along with those having a fervid interest in the Western Theatre of the Civil War, might find this site engaging. Your comments and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed.


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