It is the philosophy and intention of the Armory Guards to accurately and respectfully portray the common American Civil War infantry soldier from the western theater, regardless of side, with particular attention given to the events within Georgia in 1864. Further, this organization exists to expedite growth in the study of the Civil War by continually educating the unit's members as well as the general public. Our members come from all over Georgia, Alabama, and the Southeast.

The Armory Guards are proud members of both the Georgia Volunteer Battalion and Western Independent Grays. These organizations are recognized as leaders in Civil War reenacting. The Georgia Volunteer Battalion or GVB consists of 32 individual reenacting units from across Georgia. The GVB is known for having high quality leadership and being one of the best drilled battalions in the Southeast. The Western Independent Grays or WIG is a unique organization in that has members from across the entire United States that come together as individuals to form a battalion for specific events. The WIG has developed a reputation as a hard fighting unit and for hosting some of the premier Civil War events held in the Southeast.


Herb Coats, President:

Herb Coats has been reenacting since the last century. He has been fascinated by the American Civil War since he was a youngster, and has taken that fascination a few steps further by immersing himself into the culture of the era. Herb is a founding member of the Armory Guards, and previously he was a member of the old 10th Texas reenacting group from 1997 to 2007. Herb’s niche within the time period is research and event planning. (aka Bright Idea Guy) He has helped plan events such as Return to the Ranks, Prelude to Chickamauga, Before the Breakout, and Guarding Savannah amongst others. People still hate and love him for his part in Bummers ’09.  
As President, Herb is responsible for the day to day administration needed to run the unit. He also serves as the primary contact and coordination point.


Kiev Thomason, Vice President:

As a founding member, Kiev Thomason is a well seasoned reenactor. He has served as Sergeant Major for the Georgia Volunteer Battalion and Western Independent Grays Battalion and is a past President of the Armory Guards. He also commands a company within the Western Independent Grays.

As Vice President, Kiev assists the President and Adjutant as needed.

Thomas Federico, Adjutant:

Thomas Federico's first introduction to reenacting was at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma during officer's basic course where he had the privilege of being part of a gun crew for a Civil War era cannon and fired live shot and shell. After law school Thomas eventually focused on civilian reenacting, researching the education and practice of mid-19th century physicians and lawyers and collecting period medical instruments, books and documents. He has accurately portrayed physicians from North and South, as well as military surgeons in the service of the Confederacy and the Union. Thomas enjoys sharing his knowledge of period medicine with the public and his fellow reenactors and dispelling some of the common myths and misunderstandings. More recently, Thomas has also been interested in portraying an infantryman and is proud to be a member of the Armory Guards where he is able to do so and learn from such a great group of fellows.

As Adjutant, Thomas is responsible for the unit finances, communicating with the membership and tracking membership.

Unit History:

The Armory Guards formed in February 2007 from the merger of three well respected and known units, the 10th Texas, Georgia State Line and New Hope Guards. This merger was the official recognition of what had been happening unofficial for several years. Prior to 2007, these three units found themselves falling in and working together at many events because we all shared a common goal and belief. That common goal and belief was that we wanted to portray the common Civil War soldier , regardless of side, as accurately as possible and at the same time educate ourselves and the public. 

So at a meeting held at the Jarrel Plantation State Park in Georgia, we did something that is unique in the Civil War reenacting community. We created a new unit by merging and disbanding three old ones.  As a result the Armory Guards have a vast amount of experience, capability, and knowledge to call upon from it's membership.

Past Leadership

Clint Morris, Vice President 2011:

Clint Morris is a founding member of the Armory Guards. Clint was a member of the New Hope Guards before merging with the AG in 2007. He is active as a volunteer interpreter at Pickett’s Mill State Park, Dallas, Ga and New Hope Church, Ga. And other historical sites in and around Paulding County.

Jordan Roberts, Vice President 2009 - 2010:

Jordan Roberts has been reenacting since he was a young boy. He has been very active in the hobby participating in a wealth of different events including Outpost III, Prelude to Chickamauga, Garrison at Fort Negley 2008 and the Battle of Gettysburg 2008. He has served as a private to orderly sergeant. Jordan was on the event staff for Bummers 2009, serving as one of the event coordinators and providing logistical support. He has helped plan several other events using his experience at Bummers as a guide. 


Kiev Thomason, President 2009:

Kiev Thomason is a well seasoned reenactor. He has served as Sergeant Major for the Georgia Volunteer Battalion and Western Independent Grays Battalion. He also commands a company within the Western Independent Grays. Kiev runs the Traveling Mans Emporium sutlery.


Robby Mitchell, President 2007-2008:

Robby Mitchell has over 12 years of reenacting experience. He formed and lead the Georgia State Line unit before it merged to create the Armory Guards. Robby is an amateur historian with a focus on Georgia role during the war. Robby has coordinated many events including Pumpkin Vine Creek, Return to the Ranks, and Prelude to Chickamauga.

Tripp Corbin, Vice President 2007-2008:

Tripp Corbin, with over 12 years of reenacting experience, is well known and respected through out the hobby. He has served in field at all levels from private to colonel. Tripp is a past commander of the Western Independent Grays Battalion. He is also very active off the field. He is the webmaster for the WIG, an assist administrator on the Authentic Campaigner Forum, and provides assistance for several upcoming events in the form of creating websites, helping with registration and coordinating efforts.

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