Bugle Calls

The following are bugle calls used by civil war soldiers during drill and battle. These were recorded by Armory Guards Bugler, Matt Grubb. It is our hope that others will find these helpful in learning the multitude of bugle calls used during the American Civil War.

The Armory Guards are making these available at no charge though we retain all rights to these records. Sales, alteration, editing or conversion of these recordings by anyone other than the Armory Guards is strictly forbidden. Sharing or linking to these files for the betterment of the hobby is encouraged as long as the Armory Guards receive credit for the recordings. 

These bugle calls are in an mp3 format. You will need software capable of playing mp3 files such as Windows Media Player or Apple's QuickTime Player.



Matt Grubb

General Calls:

Officers Call



Assembly of the Guard


To the Colors

Quick Time


Skirmish Calls:



By the Right Flank

By the Left Flank

Change Direction to the Right

Change Direction to the Left

Fix Bayonets

Unfix Bayonets

Commence Firing

Cease Firing

Deploy as Skirmishers

Rally by Fours

Rally by Section

Rally by Platoon

Rally on the Reserve

Rally on the Battalion

In Retreat

Lie Down

Rise Up

Assemble on the Battalion





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